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Wow it has been 2 years!



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I lost admin rights to my group on Facebook for “Marty’s Random Thoughts.”

I am working on getting it back!

Please stand by!


“N” or not to “N”

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After all my work on the thought for building an “HO” layout, I decided to go to “N’ scale. This was because of the space I needed. I went to 4′ x 6′ layout.

Now that I have all this “N” scale stuff I am thinking about going back to “HO”

I wnt to a train swap meet a few weeks ago and found the 50% of what was for sale was “HO” and only 5% was “N” scale. I looked at the prices of the stuff and most of the “HO” was 1/2 or less the cost. Name the “N” scales was 2 or 3 times the price.

As for the cost of thing it told me that “HO” was the gauge to go with.

I have already bought a lot of “N gauge stuff and I had a lot of “HO”

I need to decide which gauge/scale i will stick with. Do I want to save money or space. Hum…



Model Railroad

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Woodstock_RRxI am looking in to building a model railroad that cover Woodstock in the 1950-60’s

I found this map of Woodstock from 1954. There does not show very much railroad but it does show a lot of long cone business from I was a kit. I think of all that are listed only a few are still around.




Comments, Comments, and more Comments

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I really enjoy all of the comment I receive,

Wait, I am not getting any!

Is this even working?




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That all I have for you today.



Lost Emails

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I send out email to my subscribers letting them know I have published another newsletter.

Some of the emails get lost and you never receive them. Some I are bounce back saying the email account is invalid.

It may be your spam filter or may be the service I am using. I don’t know.

If you are a subscriber who is not getting my notices Please leave me a comment, so I know how many are not getting these emails.

Also let me know If you what to keep getting my notices.

The newsletter alert it sent by “Thoughts@Martysrandomthoughts.com”



New Logo

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Marty’s Random Thoughts has a new Logo


All seems to be ok

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Earlier this month this site crashed.

I worked on it all day and got it working again.

I lost nothing but I learned a lot. Like right now I forgot to upload the new newsletter. Whoops!… That’s done!

Isn’t amazing when you need to fix something, you learn so much by fixing it.

I had a friend al long time ago say “You must learn from the mistakes of others because live long enough ti make them all by yourself!”



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Something happened the other day and I am back running.

I recovered everything except for my plug-ins. The plug-ins control the features. I think I have all of them running again.

If you see something not working please let me know. It is easy to miss something.



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