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My Books

 Second editions

If you want to read it on line I suggest the download version.
It is a big file and it will take a while to download. And it is in color!

Pictures may Very

I have re-issued both books.
My Camino de Santiago Adventure (2007),2nd edition
Waking the Walk, Camino de Santiago 2012, 2nd edition

Both books can be found here

Cover BW
My Camino de Santago Adventure
Cover Color
Walking the Walk, Camino de Santiago 2012
Large Mug
Large Mug
Cap (whitw)
White Cap
Truvckers Hat
Trucker's Hat
Black Cap
Black Hat
button 2.25"
Button 2.25"
Button 3.5"
Button 3.5"

Button 1 inch
Button 1 inch
Calender 2008
Calendar Print (2009)
Tote Bag
Tote Bag
Infant Bodysuit WhiteInfant Bodysuit pinkInfant Bodysuit blue
Infant Bodysuit (White, Pink or Blue)
Multi sizes too
Messager bag
Messager Bag
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